Transaction :

  • The Verify Results and Verify Advice will now display in the transaction details for all Forte Verify Transactions.
  • Dex will now allow a transaction to be placed with a card that begins with 20, 50, or 59.
  • Enabled Additional Resubmit Transaction Types .
  • Enabled Additional “Add Transactions from Existing Transactions” Functionality .
  • All response codes have been added to the Response Code filter on the Transactions data grid.

Location :

  • Attachments Tab Has Been Added to Location Details Screen.
  • When a Merchant Application is enrolled, the Merchant Application, corresponding Rate Plan, and corresponding Merchant Service Agreement are automatically uploaded as a pdf to the newly created location visible to merchant admin and forte employees only.


  • Search by Customer ID has been moved from “More Filters > Customer ID” to the Search bar above the filters .
  • User can search with a partial Customer name or Customer ID by using the % .

Dispute :

  • Allow user to delete document they uploaded if Disputes Status is Documents Needed .


Dex- 1.52


1.Dex user now can add a similar transaction from an existing transaction from the transactions data grid or from the transaction details screen.

2. We have added Resubmit Transaction functionality in Dex.

3. User now can view all the Response codes on the Dex transactions DataGrid.

4. The Settlement Response Code that appears on the Transaction Details page will now appear when transactions are exported.

5.User now can view Verify Results and Verify Advice in the Details screen for all Forte Verify transactions (Debit/Sale, Refund/Disbursement, Authorize, Force).

6.We have updated the legal language on Transaction receipts.

7. Users can perform the Void as a Bulk Transaction for all transactions in a status of Ready or Authorized (Review is an available status for users that have been granted the Review Void permission).

8. User with permission now can reverse transaction and this can be initiated from Transactions data grid.


1.Ability to search by customer id from the search bar on the customer data grid


1.We have added a new attachments tab in Locations details

2. The day to run setting in account updater is visible for all users now. This will allow merchants to ensure their day to run is set to the correct day.


1.We have added a link from the Location to the Application.When an application is enrolled with a TIN Mismatch the Merchant Admin will see the status banners when they login.


1.We have changed the Styling for the Verify Code Screen.

2. Updated the look and feel of the Corporate Template Invite


Dex :1.51


  • Transaction status filters has been updated: The Transaction status filter allow users to filter transactions by Successful, In Progress, and Unsuccessful.
  • New receipt options in Dex : From the transaction details page and after a check is created users will be able to select whether they would like to view/print a standard receipt or a detailed receipt.
  • New fields and new receipt format :New standard receipt formatting and new fields Dex standard receipts will have new fields and formatting. The new fields we have added are: Time ,Loc ID,Auth Code and Account Holder’s Name
  • Introducing New Detailed Receipt: User will be able to print detailed receipt along with standard receipt. This will include billing and shipping info for merchant.
  • Item Description: This field has been added for Scheduled Transaction Receipt .All the scheduled transaction receipts will have a new field “ Item Description.

User :

  • User Avatar : If users do not have a gravatar linked to their Dex account, their Avatar will always show as their initials.

Roles and Permission:

  • Dispute Manager Role Update: Product Costs are visible to the Dispute Manager on the Location Detail Billing Tab. Zero cost services are not visible and “Free Quantity” is not displayed for the Dispute Manager role.

Introducing eDynamo for Dex :

The MagTek eDynamo device is a USB card reader that connects to the merchant’s computer to allow the ability to accept EMV chip cards and traditional magnetic stripe credit cards without having to key the card information into Dex.


Dex : 1.49

Dispute Notification:

Merchant User will receive automatic notifications when a dispute status changes.In order to receive they have to manually turn on the dispute notification .

Enterprise user will receive automatic notifications when a dispute status changes when they will manually turn on the dispute notification .

Transaction Enhancements:

Merchant user will be able to add similar transaction from the transaction datagrid .


Dex 1.48


  • We have enabled New Disputes Notifications at the Enterprise level.
  • Enable the Dispute Manager role at the Enterprise level


  • We have added additional privacy when reseller is uploading documentation via rest API or manually.
  • We have added new permission/roles while uploading documentation



Dex Security :

Cookie Settings : As part of Dex login security, Dex is now supporting the authentication of browser cookies when any attempt is made to login to the system.

IP Whitelisting: Additionally, Dex is also supporting IP white listing as an optional feature at the Corporate, Reseller, Enterprise, and Merchant level.

Funding :

We have also added Origination Date Column to Funding Data Grid

Transaction :

Transactions can be filtered by Verify Results (p codes)




Default Dispute Subscription on for All merchants (Dispute Read and Update Permission)

  • Merchant accepts an Invite to Dex automatically subscribe them to the New Dispute notification .
  • For all existing merchant turn their subscription on for the New Dispute notification

Dispute module will have wells as a processor along with Vantiv

Dex Registration:

  • Dex now supports email verification and provide option for mobile phone verification during the registration and forgot  password process.


  • Users to get access to Dex-Sandbox when they are invited to dex-Live.(User accepts a production invite; the invitation should also give users sandbox access )
  • When a user is being invited to dex-Live environment – “Note: By accepting an invitation to Live environment you will also have access to the sandbox as well.
  • When user is deleted from an organization, subscriptions associated with the user for that organization will be removed.

Dex 1.45


  • Ability to Print receipt via transaction detail page


  • Ability to filter the Payfac data grid by status.


  • Ability to get from a merchant organization to the corresponding merchant application.


  • Ability to filter by Credit card bin
  • Ability to sort the grid by the received date.



  • View mock data in following modules:
    • Transactions
    • Funding
    • Users
    • Customers
    • Schedules
  • Ability to Refresh Data
    • This action allows mock data to return to its original state
    • Will remove any ad-hoc entries entered by the user


  • Ability to add a new transaction from a previous transaction.


  • Dex invitation to corporate merchants has been updated with a new template.


  • Users can now view deleted schedules and scheduled items.


  • Users can edit the Phone number and email address of existing customers.

Dex 1.43


  • SWP Settings:
  • Enable/ disable the SWP settings on a location: products and Services tab
  • view SWP code
  • click test code button to open SWP page
  • TS: Copy and test SWP code outside of dex.
  • edit the SWP settings on a location:
    • Main tab
    • Style tab
    • Billing tab
    • Shipping tab
    • Order/Payment tab
  • TS: create a validation builder for my SWP settings.
  • Account Updater:
  • View Account Updater settings in dex
  • Enrollment: enable/ disable Account Updater in dex.
  • Enrollment: edit Account Updater settings in dex: day to run


  • assign additional reseller roles in sandbox (Same roles as live)


  • view the response code and description of a credit card transaction.
  • not view “Void in Progress” bar if there is an error with void action.