Dex : 1.49

Dispute Notification:

Merchant User will receive automatic notifications when a dispute status changes.In order to receive they have to manually turn on the dispute notification .

Enterprise user will receive automatic notifications when a dispute status changes when they will manually turn on the dispute notification .

Transaction Enhancements:

Merchant user will be able to add similar transaction from the transaction datagrid .


Dex 1.48


  • We have enabled New Disputes Notifications at the Enterprise level.
  • Enable the Dispute Manager role at the Enterprise level


  • We have added additional privacy when reseller is uploading documentation via rest API or manually.
  • We have added new permission/roles while uploading documentation



Dex Security :

Cookie Settings : As part of Dex login security, Dex is now supporting the authentication of browser cookies when any attempt is made to login to the system.

IP Whitelisting: Additionally, Dex is also supporting IP white listing as an optional feature at the Corporate, Reseller, Enterprise, and Merchant level.

Funding :

We have also added Origination Date Column to Funding Data Grid

Transaction :

Transactions can be filtered by Verify Results (p codes)




Default Dispute Subscription on for All merchants (Dispute Read and Update Permission)

  • Merchant accepts an Invite to Dex automatically subscribe them to the New Dispute notification .
  • For all existing merchant turn their subscription on for the New Dispute notification

Dispute module will have wells as a processor along with Vantiv

Dex Registration:

  • Dex now supports email verification and provide option for mobile phone verification during the registration and forgot  password process.


  • Users to get access to Dex-Sandbox when they are invited to dex-Live.(User accepts a production invite; the invitation should also give users sandbox access )
  • When a user is being invited to dex-Live environment – “Note: By accepting an invitation to Live environment you will also have access to the sandbox as well.
  • When user is deleted from an organization, subscriptions associated with the user for that organization will be removed.

Dex 1.45


  • Ability to Print receipt via transaction detail page


  • Ability to filter the Payfac data grid by status.


  • Ability to get from a merchant organization to the corresponding merchant application.


  • Ability to filter by Credit card bin
  • Ability to sort the grid by the received date.



  • View mock data in following modules:
    • Transactions
    • Funding
    • Users
    • Customers
    • Schedules
  • Ability to Refresh Data
    • This action allows mock data to return to its original state
    • Will remove any ad-hoc entries entered by the user


  • Ability to add a new transaction from a previous transaction.


  • Dex invitation to corporate merchants has been updated with a new template.


  • Users can now view deleted schedules and scheduled items.


  • Users can edit the Phone number and email address of existing customers.

Dex 1.43


  • SWP Settings:
  • Enable/ disable the SWP settings on a location: products and Services tab
  • view SWP code
  • click test code button to open SWP page
  • TS: Copy and test SWP code outside of dex.
  • edit the SWP settings on a location:
    • Main tab
    • Style tab
    • Billing tab
    • Shipping tab
    • Order/Payment tab
  • TS: create a validation builder for my SWP settings.
  • Account Updater:
  • View Account Updater settings in dex
  • Enrollment: enable/ disable Account Updater in dex.
  • Enrollment: edit Account Updater settings in dex: day to run


  • assign additional reseller roles in sandbox (Same roles as live)


  • view the response code and description of a credit card transaction.
  • not view “Void in Progress” bar if there is an error with void action.

Dex: 1.42

All Tabs

•            keep search criteria entered in the search box and filters if switching modules in dex


•            search the hierarchy by Organization ID

•            search the hierarchy by Location ID

•            search the hierarchy by Federal Tax ID.


•            view the AVS settings of a location.

•            edit a location’s Address Verification Settings (AVS).

•            see clear warning and select accept before regenerating.

•            regenerate FTP password.

•            force a password for the FTP.

•            force a password for the Real-Time Password.


•            add additional columns to the transactions data grid.

•            customize additional columns across the Dex data grids.


•            see due date that is set on government disputes to 10 days from 20.

•            not move back a disputes record type to a prior value.

•            have disputes due date  reset if the record type updates.

•            see combined fields on the datagrid like: Original Transaction Date and Original Amount into the Original Transaction column.

•            not have won and lost as terminal status for disputes.

•            see when disputes are in fulfilled status

•            not accept disputes where the record type is Inquiry

•            have color of the Accepted status updated from green to red.


DEX 1.41


•             Resubmit a transaction: CC (settled), Echeck (funded, rejected)

•             Void transactions in bulk: ready (in progress)


•             Billing accounts will be hidden for merchants

•             If the Reseller organization does not have an Enterprise created, and you select “Add to Enterprise”, dex displays message: “There are no Enterprise Organizations created under this Reseller Organization.”


•             Bulk Invite: invite multiple users across organizations at the same time using csv file for users at 10000 level with right permissions


•             View and edit a location’s Card Verification Value (CVV) settings of a location.

•             Generate the legacy credentials from location’s Credentials tab (Transaction processing password and old API login ID and secure transaction key)

•             If you select a location to move which does not have an Organization with a matching Federal Tax ID within the hierarchy, dex display message: “The selected location(s) does not have a corresponding organization with a matching Federal Tax ID.”


•             New eCheck card style (looks like a check) in the Payment Methods Tab

•             Ability to see the actions buttons on modals upon big screen resolution


•             Authorized Enterprise users will be able to view and manage disputes.

•             Users will have less delays when uploading docs

•             Risk will be able to send Dispute documentation to Vantiv via FTP.


•             Authorized Enterprise users will be able to generate API credentials if they switch home account from an Enterprise to a Merchant Organization



  • New bank account summary section: assigned activities and locations for approved/added bank account
  • New reseller Hierarchy section for Reseller Organizations
  • See the date a document was uploaded
  • When creating a new Organization, a new dropdown is now available indicating if an Organization already exists when creating merchant Org with same Fed ID,
  • After successfully creating a new Organization, the Organization and location information is displayed  on the summary


  • View the TID (Transmitter ID) associated with the MID (location)
  • View and edit a location’s Forte Verify settings (matches VT settings)
  • View and edit a location’s Address Verification Settings (AVS) –  Card services only: Postal Code Mismatch, Street Number Mismatch (matches VT settings)



  • See the date a document was uploaded
  • see the current history card as Chargeback Data
  • see disputes in: exception and recalled statuses (new for merchant and Resellers)
  • Last 4 Of Card column is renamed to Payment Details.
  • see the card brand and last four digits of card in payments details
  • see adjustment type of PARB in Adjustment Type filter
  • see details tool tips when user hovers over the action code
  • change the status of a dispute at any time. Exception: accepted and recalled statuses disputes cannot be changed
  • accepted disputes will no longer move to won or lost
  • view record type/dispute type on datagrid and details card: inquiry, chargeback or chargeback 2
  • submit documents when Dispute is updated from Inquiry to chargeback, or from chargeback to chargeback 2
  • submit for review (action) when Dispute is updated from Inquiry to chargeback, or from chargeback to chargeback 2.
  • submit disputes type inquiry for approval
  • see flag for when a dispute Record Type changes
  • hover over icon display tool tip to get more details about the dispute Record Type changes
  • see status updated to expired when status is Documents Needed, type inquiry, and has not been updated within 31 days
  • view the history of a dispute
  • New Data grid Filters and filter options:
    • New filter funding mode.
    • New filter Record type
    • New status Fulfilled on the dispute status filter
    • New filter option VCR (Visa Claims Resolution) for action codes filter
    • Less filter options for the action code filter: DRFT, RTVL

Rate Plans

  • new UI: new display

Merchant Applications

  • see what date a document was uploaded.


  • filter by chargeback reversals in the funding log



  • create a schedule, create customer when creating a schedule.
  • create a schedule, select customer and add a new payment method when creating a schedule.