Dex Release-1.23

Forget that February doldrums with our newest Dex release, which adds exciting new features for managing transactions and funding entries. Check them out!


  • Do you have feedback about Dex? Use our newly added feedback form on the Dex homepage to help us out.
  • Start training your users in Dex with our easy-to-use training videos. We’ve included the link on the Dex homepage.


We know transactions are your #1 priority. They’re ours too! So, we’ve added the following features to Dex to help you stay on top of your #1 priority:

  • View a list of all your transactions and transaction details for ACH, credit card, and Forte verify transactions.
  • Search for transactions using the Name and Trace Number
  • Filter your list of transactions by Received Date, Status, Location, Method, Action, Amount, Response, or the Last 4 of a credit card number.
  • Sort your list of transactions from Newest to Oldest or Oldest to Newest.
  • Capture a transaction from your list of transactions or a transaction’s detail page.
  • Reverse the full or partial amount of a transaction from its detail page.
  • Void the full amount of a transaction from the list of the transaction.
  • Export up to 1,001 transaction records to a local .csv file.


Want up-to-date funding data now? We’ve got you covered:

  • View the details of a funding record.
  • View the transaction(s) related to a funding entry with the Related Transactions menu option.
  • Search for a funding record by Funding Reference ID.
  • Filter the list of funding records by Start Date, End Date, Location, Minimum Net Amount, Maximum Net Amount, Last 4 of a bank account number, and/or Funding Source.
  • Export up to 1,001 funding records to a local .csv file.