Dex Release -1.26

Our June Dex release includes some exciting new features and improvements! Let’s dig in.

Disputes(chargebacks and retrievals)

We’ve made it easier for you to find dispute records with the following features:

  • Search for a dispute using the Customer Name or Dispute Record Number.
  • Filter your list of disputes by the Last 4 Digits of a credit card account number.

Disputes can be a hassle. We’ve streamlined the process by giving you the ability to :

  • Add comments and nested replies to a disputed record.
  • View, upload, and download PDF versions of supporting documents.
  • View a dispute’s event history.


Your customer data is our top priority. To make finding your customer records simple, we’ve added the following features:

  • Search for customers using the Customer Name or Customer Token.
  • Filter your list of customers by Status, Location ID, State, Postal, Phone, Customer ID, or Transaction ID.
  • Customize the number of records in your list of customers using the Items per Page.

Need more info on a customer? That’s not a problem with our improved Customer Details page:

  • View a customer’s payment method details.
  • Define a customer’s default payment method for recurring transactions.
  • Select credit card payment methods to include in an Account Updater run (requires an Account Updater subscription).
  • View the details of a customer’s schedule of recurring transactions.

We’ve also made it simple and efficient to add payment methods and transactions to a customer record. That’s right—you can now charge your customers for services directly from Dex.


Transaction records can be difficult to keep track of. We’ve made it easier with the following enhancements:

  • Filter transactions by Payment Method, Amount Range, or a specific Card Brand.
  • Find a specific transaction using up to eight different filter options in your list of transactions.
  • Export up to 10,000 transaction records to a convenient .csv file.


We’ve enhanced our Applications and Disputes documentation capabilities by enabling users to upload, view, and download PDF versions of their supporting documents.


Need to register a user with an out-of-country phone number? No problem. Dex now supports users from multiple countries by capturing the country code from their mobile phone number during registration.


We’ve made searching for funding records more efficient with the following features:

  • Filter funding records by an amount range in addition to a single amount.
  • Use the new Bank Information column to find funding entries in the list of funding records.
  • Reuse filter settings and values, which Dex now retains when users view the list of funding records.