REST V1.22

The following new features have been added to Version 3 of our RESTful web services:

  • Customers:
    • New Filters are now available to search for Customers – GET (Search) request.
    • New fields and objects have been added to the results of Customers’ search – response object.
  • Applications:
    • New field to Store session id from Threat Metrix: “risk_session_id” is now available for partners – both in POST (Create) request and GET (Search) request.
  • Funding (for internal use only):
    • An endpoint for funding is now available- GET (Search) request.
  • Events (for internal use only):
    • New Search options and Filters are now available for events Endpoint – GET (Search) request.
    • All resources for events have been pluralized.


Our newest REST API release makes integration easier and more secure:

  • We’ve added the following parameters:
    • A new response_code parameter to the list of available filters for the transactions object.
    • Additional parameters to the schedules and scheduleitems resources to support service fees for recurring transactions.
    • New average_payable_amount, maximum_payable_amount, and monthly_payable_volume parameters to the applications resource.
    • A new customer_id parameter to the paymethods object
  • A new validation now informs users when they are attempting to use the orderby input with incompatible parameters.