Dex -1.31


We’ve made keeping track of all your processing endpoints easier by enabling users to export up to 10,000 location records from the Locations data grid.


Need a quick way to keep track of recurring transactions? Our new Schedules data grid lets you view, search, and filter your customer’s schedules, so you’ll always know when a recurring transaction occurs. To help you find specific schedules, we’ve added:

  • Search functionality that enables you to search for schedules by Customer Name, Customer ID, or Customer Token.
  • Filtering options where you can narrow the displayed Schedules data grid by Date Created, Status, Location ID, Method, Frequency, and Schedule Type


To make disputes easier to process, we’ve made the following enhancements to the Disputes data grid:

  • Our new dispute status, Expired, denotes dispute records that have remained in “Draft” status for 31 or more consecutive days.
  • The expanded view now includes when a disputed record was last updated.
  • We’ve also added the last updated date to exported dispute records.
  • We’ve made it easier for you and your users to create and reply to dispute comments without needed Dispute – Update permissions.

Merchant Application:

  • Partner users with the appropriate permissions can now directly navigate to their merchant’s organization record from the Merchant Application detail page