Dex: 1.42

All Tabs

•            keep search criteria entered in the search box and filters if switching modules in dex


•            search the hierarchy by Organization ID

•            search the hierarchy by Location ID

•            search the hierarchy by Federal Tax ID.


•            view the AVS settings of a location.

•            edit a location’s Address Verification Settings (AVS).

•            see clear warning and select accept before regenerating.

•            regenerate FTP password.

•            force a password for the FTP.

•            force a password for the Real-Time Password.


•            add additional columns to the transactions data grid.

•            customize additional columns across the Dex data grids.


•            see due date that is set on government disputes to 10 days from 20.

•            not move back a disputes record type to a prior value.

•            have disputes due date  reset if the record type updates.

•            see combined fields on the datagrid like: Original Transaction Date and Original Amount into the Original Transaction column.

•            not have won and lost as terminal status for disputes.

•            see when disputes are in fulfilled status

•            not accept disputes where the record type is Inquiry

•            have color of the Accepted status updated from green to red.