Dex 1.43


  • SWP Settings:
  • Enable/ disable the SWP settings on a location: products and Services tab
  • view SWP code
  • click test code button to open SWP page
  • TS: Copy and test SWP code outside of dex.
  • edit the SWP settings on a location:
    • Main tab
    • Style tab
    • Billing tab
    • Shipping tab
    • Order/Payment tab
  • TS: create a validation builder for my SWP settings.
  • Account Updater:
  • View Account Updater settings in dex
  • Enrollment: enable/ disable Account Updater in dex.
  • Enrollment: edit Account Updater settings in dex: day to run


  • assign additional reseller roles in sandbox (Same roles as live)


  • view the response code and description of a credit card transaction.
  • not view “Void in Progress” bar if there is an error with void action.