Default Dispute Subscription on for All merchants (Dispute Read and Update Permission)

  • Merchant accepts an Invite to Dex automatically subscribe them to the New Dispute notification .
  • For all existing merchant turn their subscription on for the New Dispute notification

Dispute module will have wells as a processor along with Vantiv

Dex Registration:

  • Dex now supports email verification and provide option for mobile phone verification during the registration and forgot¬† password process.


  • Users to get access to Dex-Sandbox when they are invited to dex-Live.(User accepts a production invite; the invitation should also give users sandbox access )
  • When a user is being invited to dex-Live environment – “Note: By accepting an invitation to Live environment you will also have access to the sandbox as well.
  • When user is deleted from an organization, subscriptions associated with the user for that organization will be removed.

July 2019

Forte Checkout (Version 2.0)

What’s new and Improved

  • Better UX experience with responsive design (iOS, Android, PC and tablets) instead of different mobile and desktop versions
  • Spanish language support
  • Ability to send up to 10,000 lines. This will enable users to add more than 100 items in the cart using FCO and view the transactions in VT.
  • Rewrite with Angular 7.0‚Äč


  • No bug fixes in this version

Rollout plan

Device Integration

Swipe will be enabled with  e-dynamo and Dynamag

EMV, VX520 will not be enabled in Sandbox

MagTek-Ipad will no longer be supported with new version and will be sunset