Dex- 1.52


1.Dex user now can add a similar transaction from an existing transaction from the transactions data grid or from the transaction details screen.

2. We have added Resubmit Transaction functionality in Dex.

3. User now can view all the Response codes on the Dex transactions DataGrid.

4. The Settlement Response Code that appears on the Transaction Details page will now appear when transactions are exported.

5.User now can view Verify Results and Verify Advice in the Details screen for all Forte Verify transactions (Debit/Sale, Refund/Disbursement, Authorize, Force).

6.We have updated the legal language on Transaction receipts.

7. Users can perform the Void as a Bulk Transaction for all transactions in a status of Ready or Authorized (Review is an available status for users that have been granted the Review Void permission).

8. User with permission now can reverse transaction and this can be initiated from Transactions data grid.


1.Ability to search by customer id from the search bar on the customer data grid


1.We have added a new attachments tab in Locations details

2. The day to run setting in account updater is visible for all users now. This will allow merchants to ensure their day to run is set to the correct day.


1.We have added a link from the Location to the Application.When an application is enrolled with a TIN Mismatch the Merchant Admin will see the status banners when they login.


1.We have changed the Styling for the Verify Code Screen.

2. Updated the look and feel of the Corporate Template Invite