REST- v1.28


  • New Object has been added  Find/ GET locations 


  • New Fields added to Applications, these will be required in the next release per industry requirements: 
    • and owner.citizenship (Wells Fargo)
    • owner.percentage  (FinCEN)
    • additional owner Objects (2,3,4)  for any other owners owning 25% or more of the business (FinCEN)


  • Add Tax Amount to schedules and schedule items Objects

Pay methods:

  • Ability to order the list of payment methods by the name_on_card field




Dex -1.32


The dex Convair release is now live, here’s what you can now do:


  • Export schedules from data grid – CSV format
  • view schedule and schedule items details 
  • filter schedule items by status



Dex -1.31


We’ve made keeping track of all your processing endpoints easier by enabling users to export up to 10,000 location records from the Locations data grid.


Need a quick way to keep track of recurring transactions? Our new Schedules data grid lets you view, search, and filter your customer’s schedules, so you’ll always know when a recurring transaction occurs. To help you find specific schedules, we’ve added:

  • Search functionality that enables you to search for schedules by Customer Name, Customer ID, or Customer Token.
  • Filtering options where you can narrow the displayed Schedules data grid by Date Created, Status, Location ID, Method, Frequency, and Schedule Type


To make disputes easier to process, we’ve made the following enhancements to the Disputes data grid:

  • Our new dispute status, Expired, denotes dispute records that have remained in “Draft” status for 31 or more consecutive days.
  • The expanded view now includes when a disputed record was last updated.
  • We’ve also added the last updated date to exported dispute records.
  • We’ve made it easier for you and your users to create and reply to dispute comments without needed Dispute – Update permissions.

Merchant Application:

  • Partner users with the appropriate permissions can now directly navigate to their merchant’s organization record from the Merchant Application detail page






Dex -1.30

Our newest DEX release makes viewing and updating your data easy and simple.

  • We’ve improved the UI/UX of the Organization Details screen, making it easier for you to update your organization’s legal information, localization settings, and contact details.
  • Searching for a specific location is now more efficient because we’ve added the Status, State, and Postal Code filters.
  • Once you found that location, you’ll be able to see more details about it, because we’ve added the following data cards to the Location Details screen:
    • General card – With the appropriate permissions, you can see the general details about your merchant location, including name, address, phone number, time zone settings, and parent organization setup.
    • E-check Services card – This card gives you a glimpse into your ACH/EFT processing setup, including hold days, supported entry class codes, cut-off times, and any Forte services (like Forte Verify) to which your merchant location is currently subscribed.
    • Card Services card – This card provides details on your credit card processing setup, including the credit cards you’re currently accepted, the processing platform, the cut-off times, and any Forte services (like Account Updater) to which your merchant location is currently subscribed.
Dispute (Chargeback and Retrievals)

Need to find and process a dispute in a hurry? We’ve got you covered with the following features:

  • We’ve upgraded the user experience for uploading supporting documents for a dispute
  • We’ve enhanced the Disputes data grid by adding the Adjustment Type column and enabling users to export the dispute Reason description
  • We’ve improved searching the Disputes data grid by adding the following filters:
    • The Adjusted filter now includes the “No Adjustment” option
    • The Adjustment Type and Action Code filters are now multi-select




We’re excited to tell you about our new field and object for our REST API, which will  be available for Merchants only :

  1. New field “save_token” available for transaction resource with the ability to save swipe data as a customer and pay method records.
  2. New object: “disputes” available for merchants.
  3. New field: “last_4_account_number” added to card sub-object for consistency with other objects.



DEX 1.28

We’re excited to tell you about our October release for Dex!  Let’s take a look at the new features and improvements!


We’ve made maintaining customer data easy. So, what can you do?

  • Add a new customer address.
  • View multiple customer addresses.
  • Add a customer to a Location using a drop-down selector with the appropriate permissions.
  • Edit a customer’s payment method.


If your Dex invitation comes from Forte’s Enrollment Team, you might see our new Merchant Approval template, which includes your Organization ID and Location ID.

Disputes (Chargebacks and Retrievals)

We’ve simplified Disputes with the following enhancements:

  • We’ve simplified the process of adding documentation to a disputed record by now supporting drag-and-drop uploads for multiple files.
  • We’ve added a notification that alerts you to new dispute files.
  • We’ve added multiple filters to make searching for dispute records more efficient.
  • You can now view more information about disputes from the list of disputes with Expanded View (reseller only).
  • Export up to 10,000 dispute records to a CSV file that can be stored locally or imported into an accounting application for a month- or year-end reconciliation.


We’ve made accessing your applications easy and efficient with the following features:

  • Search for an application by Application ID or the DBA Name.
  • View the details, anticipated volume, banking information, and documents card for a merchant application on the Application Details page.




REST V1.22

The following new features have been added to Version 3 of our RESTful web services:

  • Customers:
    • New Filters are now available to search for Customers – GET (Search) request.
    • New fields and objects have been added to the results of Customers’ search – response object.
  • Applications:
    • New field to Store session id from Threat Metrix: “risk_session_id” is now available for partners – both in POST (Create) request and GET (Search) request.
  • Funding (for internal use only):
    • An endpoint for funding is now available- GET (Search) request.
  • Events (for internal use only):
    • New Search options and Filters are now available for events Endpoint – GET (Search) request.
    • All resources for events have been pluralized.


Our newest REST API release makes integration easier and more secure:

  • We’ve added the following parameters:
    • A new response_code parameter to the list of available filters for the transactions object.
    • Additional parameters to the schedules and scheduleitems resources to support service fees for recurring transactions.
    • New average_payable_amount, maximum_payable_amount, and monthly_payable_volume parameters to the applications resource.
    • A new customer_id parameter to the paymethods object
  • A new validation now informs users when they are attempting to use the orderby input with incompatible parameters.

Dex 1.27 Release

Excited about our new release for Dex? We have added some cool features and enhancements.


  • You can now Add customer, Add/Edit payment method, Edit General information.

We simplified the user section much more than before by adding some exciting features. You can now:

  • Invite User
  • Revoke User
  • Delete user
  • Resend Invite
  • View/Manage Roles and Groups
  • View/Edit User Profile
Disputes (Chargeback and Retrievals)

We’ve added the following features to our Disputes section to help you stay on top of your #1 priority:

  • Production Funding
  • Automated Billing
  • Reply to Comment
  • Reason code Update

Want up-to-date Merchant application status now? We’ve got you covered:

  • View Application Detail
  • Run/Rerun Verification checks
  • Create Reply to a comment