Dex -1.31


We’ve made keeping track of all your processing endpoints easier by enabling users to export up to 10,000 location records from the Locations data grid.


Need a quick way to keep track of recurring transactions? Our new Schedules data grid lets you view, search, and filter your customer’s schedules, so you’ll always know when a recurring transaction occurs. To help you find specific schedules, we’ve added:

  • Search functionality that enables you to search for schedules by Customer Name, Customer ID, or Customer Token.
  • Filtering options where you can narrow the displayed Schedules data grid by Date Created, Status, Location ID, Method, Frequency, and Schedule Type


To make disputes easier to process, we’ve made the following enhancements to the Disputes data grid:

  • Our new dispute status, Expired, denotes dispute records that have remained in “Draft” status for 31 or more consecutive days.
  • The expanded view now includes when a disputed record was last updated.
  • We’ve also added the last updated date to exported dispute records.
  • We’ve made it easier for you and your users to create and reply to dispute comments without needed Dispute – Update permissions.

Merchant Application:

  • Partner users with the appropriate permissions can now directly navigate to their merchant’s organization record from the Merchant Application detail page






Dex -1.30

Our newest DEX release makes viewing and updating your data easy and simple.

  • We’ve improved the UI/UX of the Organization Details screen, making it easier for you to update your organization’s legal information, localization settings, and contact details.
  • Searching for a specific location is now more efficient because we’ve added the Status, State, and Postal Code filters.
  • Once you found that location, you’ll be able to see more details about it, because we’ve added the following data cards to the Location Details screen:
    • General card – With the appropriate permissions, you can see the general details about your merchant location, including name, address, phone number, time zone settings, and parent organization setup.
    • E-check Services card – This card gives you a glimpse into your ACH/EFT processing setup, including hold days, supported entry class codes, cut-off times, and any Forte services (like Forte Verify) to which your merchant location is currently subscribed.
    • Card Services card – This card provides details on your credit card processing setup, including the credit cards you’re currently accepted, the processing platform, the cut-off times, and any Forte services (like Account Updater) to which your merchant location is currently subscribed.
Dispute (Chargeback and Retrievals)

Need to find and process a dispute in a hurry? We’ve got you covered with the following features:

  • We’ve upgraded the user experience for uploading supporting documents for a dispute
  • We’ve enhanced the Disputes data grid by adding the Adjustment Type column and enabling users to export the dispute Reason description
  • We’ve improved searching the Disputes data grid by adding the following filters:
    • The Adjusted filter now includes the “No Adjustment” option
    • The Adjustment Type and Action Code filters are now multi-select



DEX 1.29

We’re excited to tell you about our November release for Dex!  Let’s take a look at the new features and improvements!


Our search engine is more powerful than ever, you can now search by:

  • Location DBA name and ID
  • Funding DDA and Fed ID
  • Primary Contact Name, Email, and Phone Number
  • Parent ISO ID


We’ve made maintaining customer data easy by enabling you to add echeck or credit card payment methods for any type of Merchant.


We are now giving you more control over user settings with the following enhancements:

  • New out-of-the-box roles
  • User roles defined per Organization type
  • A new permission card on the User Details screen
  • Support for more than one user at the Reseller level


We’ve expanded Transaction capabilities with the following enhancements:

  • Support for ad-hoc transactions with an option to save customer data
  • Support for multiple transaction types including sale, refund, authorize, force external authorization, and verify
  • Transaction receipts available upon creation
  • Service Fee amounts automatically populated/calculated to provide a more transparent Total Amount to the customer


We would love for you to continue testing in our sandbox environment. In fact, we’ve made the side menu for Sandbox white to make it easier for you to differentiate between Sandbox and Live environments.


DEX 1.28

We’re excited to tell you about our October release for Dex!  Let’s take a look at the new features and improvements!


We’ve made maintaining customer data easy. So, what can you do?

  • Add a new customer address.
  • View multiple customer addresses.
  • Add a customer to a Location using a drop-down selector with the appropriate permissions.
  • Edit a customer’s payment method.


If your Dex invitation comes from Forte’s Enrollment Team, you might see our new Merchant Approval template, which includes your Organization ID and Location ID.

Disputes (Chargebacks and Retrievals)

We’ve simplified Disputes with the following enhancements:

  • We’ve simplified the process of adding documentation to a disputed record by now supporting drag-and-drop uploads for multiple files.
  • We’ve added a notification that alerts you to new dispute files.
  • We’ve added multiple filters to make searching for dispute records more efficient.
  • You can now view more information about disputes from the list of disputes with Expanded View (reseller only).
  • Export up to 10,000 dispute records to a CSV file that can be stored locally or imported into an accounting application for a month- or year-end reconciliation.


We’ve made accessing your applications easy and efficient with the following features:

  • Search for an application by Application ID or the DBA Name.
  • View the details, anticipated volume, banking information, and documents card for a merchant application on the Application Details page.




Dex 1.27 Release

Excited about our new release for Dex? We have added some cool features and enhancements.


  • You can now Add customer, Add/Edit payment method, Edit General information.

We simplified the user section much more than before by adding some exciting features. You can now:

  • Invite User
  • Revoke User
  • Delete user
  • Resend Invite
  • View/Manage Roles and Groups
  • View/Edit User Profile
Disputes (Chargeback and Retrievals)

We’ve added the following features to our Disputes section to help you stay on top of your #1 priority:

  • Production Funding
  • Automated Billing
  • Reply to Comment
  • Reason code Update

Want up-to-date Merchant application status now? We’ve got you covered:

  • View Application Detail
  • Run/Rerun Verification checks
  • Create Reply to a comment




Dex Release -1.26

Our June Dex release includes some exciting new features and improvements! Let’s dig in.

Disputes(chargebacks and retrievals)

We’ve made it easier for you to find dispute records with the following features:

  • Search for a dispute using the Customer Name or Dispute Record Number.
  • Filter your list of disputes by the Last 4 Digits of a credit card account number.

Disputes can be a hassle. We’ve streamlined the process by giving you the ability to :

  • Add comments and nested replies to a disputed record.
  • View, upload, and download PDF versions of supporting documents.
  • View a dispute’s event history.


Your customer data is our top priority. To make finding your customer records simple, we’ve added the following features:

  • Search for customers using the Customer Name or Customer Token.
  • Filter your list of customers by Status, Location ID, State, Postal, Phone, Customer ID, or Transaction ID.
  • Customize the number of records in your list of customers using the Items per Page.

Need more info on a customer? That’s not a problem with our improved Customer Details page:

  • View a customer’s payment method details.
  • Define a customer’s default payment method for recurring transactions.
  • Select credit card payment methods to include in an Account Updater run (requires an Account Updater subscription).
  • View the details of a customer’s schedule of recurring transactions.

We’ve also made it simple and efficient to add payment methods and transactions to a customer record. That’s right—you can now charge your customers for services directly from Dex.


Transaction records can be difficult to keep track of. We’ve made it easier with the following enhancements:

  • Filter transactions by Payment Method, Amount Range, or a specific Card Brand.
  • Find a specific transaction using up to eight different filter options in your list of transactions.
  • Export up to 10,000 transaction records to a convenient .csv file.


We’ve enhanced our Applications and Disputes documentation capabilities by enabling users to upload, view, and download PDF versions of their supporting documents.


Need to register a user with an out-of-country phone number? No problem. Dex now supports users from multiple countries by capturing the country code from their mobile phone number during registration.


We’ve made searching for funding records more efficient with the following features:

  • Filter funding records by an amount range in addition to a single amount.
  • Use the new Bank Information column to find funding entries in the list of funding records.
  • Reuse filter settings and values, which Dex now retains when users view the list of funding records.




DEX Release -1.25

We’ve been busy at Forte. Our May Dex release includes brand new features and streamlined UI/UX enhancements. Check ‘em out!


Need to know when you received that transaction? We’ve got you covered with a filter for your list of transactions using preset Received Date ranges.

API Credentials

API credentials mean access. To make creating and maintaining API credentials efficient and simple, we’ve added the following features:

  • View a list of all the API credentials that belong to your organization along with their associated groups and roles.
  • Search for specific API credentials using the API Access ID and Name.
  • View the details of a specific user’s API credential set.
  • Create API credentials to access Dex from your own application.
  • Delete API credentials when a user leaves your organization.


  • We’ve made finding a funding record easier by adding a filter of preset Received Date
  • View the updated Status of a funding entry from the list of funding records.
  • View the Response Code of a funding entry from the Funding Details screen.

Disputes (charge back and retrievals)

Need to know up-to-the-minute info about your dispute? Not a problem. We’ve added the following enhancements to simplify disputes:

  • View the Due Date of a dispute from the dispute detail record, no matter what status the dispute is currently in.
  • Know who to contact at Forte if you need help with your dispute when you view the Assigned To field in the dispute detail record.



Dex Release -1.24

March brings warmer weather and a new Dex release with fantastic new features and enhancements to help you keep track of your transaction data and maintain your users. Let’s take a look!

Homepage Dashboard

What’s better than a long list of transactions you have to sort through and filter? Pie charts and line graphs! And that’s just what we’ve added to the Dex Homepage Dashboard:

  • Use the “Sales Performance” line chart to track settled transaction amounts.
  • Use the “Payment Method” pie chart to evaluate what types of payment methods your customers use for a given number of settled transactions.
  • Use the “Transaction Break Down” pie chart to track what types of transactions your organization performs for a given number of settled transactions.
  • Customize the value of the Settled Date filter to see your sales performance, payment methods, and transaction break down for the Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, Last 6 Months, or Last 12 Months.


We’ve made finding your organization’s Dex users easier with the following enhancements:

  • Search for users by Username and Name.
  • Filter the list of users by Date Created, Status, and/or Role.

Funding and Transactions

If pie charts and line graphs aren’t your things, we’ve also made searching for funding entries and their related transactions simple and efficient with the following updates:

  • Search for funding and transactions records using customized or preset Received Date.
  • Filter the list of funding records using the Status filter and one or more of the new funding statuses: Completed, Failed, Pending, or Not Applicable.
  • View the most current response code for a funding record on its Funding Details page.
  • Filter transaction records related to a funding entry using Transaction page filters.

API Credentials

If your developers have been itching to access Dex from your own applications via API, you’re in luck! Dex now includes the following features for maintaining API credentials:

  • View detailed information about a set of API credentials, including the roles and groups to which the credentials belong.
  • Edit the name of a set of API credentials to make them easier to use.
  • Search for API credentials using the Name or API Access ID



Dex Release-1.23

Forget that February doldrums with our newest Dex release, which adds exciting new features for managing transactions and funding entries. Check them out!


  • Do you have feedback about Dex? Use our newly added feedback form on the Dex homepage to help us out.
  • Start training your users in Dex with our easy-to-use training videos. We’ve included the link on the Dex homepage.


We know transactions are your #1 priority. They’re ours too! So, we’ve added the following features to Dex to help you stay on top of your #1 priority:

  • View a list of all your transactions and transaction details for ACH, credit card, and Forte verify transactions.
  • Search for transactions using the Name and Trace Number
  • Filter your list of transactions by Received Date, Status, Location, Method, Action, Amount, Response, or the Last 4 of a credit card number.
  • Sort your list of transactions from Newest to Oldest or Oldest to Newest.
  • Capture a transaction from your list of transactions or a transaction’s detail page.
  • Reverse the full or partial amount of a transaction from its detail page.
  • Void the full amount of a transaction from the list of the transaction.
  • Export up to 1,001 transaction records to a local .csv file.


Want up-to-date funding data now? We’ve got you covered:

  • View the details of a funding record.
  • View the transaction(s) related to a funding entry with the Related Transactions menu option.
  • Search for a funding record by Funding Reference ID.
  • Filter the list of funding records by Start Date, End Date, Location, Minimum Net Amount, Maximum Net Amount, Last 4 of a bank account number, and/or Funding Source.
  • Export up to 1,001 funding records to a local .csv file.