Dex -1.30

Our newest DEX release makes viewing and updating your data easy and simple.

  • We’ve improved the UI/UX of the Organization Details screen, making it easier for you to update your organization’s legal information, localization settings, and contact details.
  • Searching for a specific location is now more efficient because we’ve added the Status, State, and Postal Code filters.
  • Once you found that location, you’ll be able to see more details about it, because we’ve added the following data cards to the Location Details screen:
    • General card – With the appropriate permissions, you can see the general details about your merchant location, including name, address, phone number, time zone settings, and parent organization setup.
    • E-check Services card – This card gives you a glimpse into your ACH/EFT processing setup, including hold days, supported entry class codes, cut-off times, and any Forte services (like Forte Verify) to which your merchant location is currently subscribed.
    • Card Services card – This card provides details on your credit card processing setup, including the credit cards you’re currently accepted, the processing platform, the cut-off times, and any Forte services (like Account Updater) to which your merchant location is currently subscribed.
Dispute (Chargeback and Retrievals)

Need to find and process a dispute in a hurry? We’ve got you covered with the following features:

  • We’ve upgraded the user experience for uploading supporting documents for a dispute
  • We’ve enhanced the Disputes data grid by adding the Adjustment Type column and enabling users to export the dispute Reason description
  • We’ve improved searching the Disputes data grid by adding the following filters:
    • The Adjusted filter now includes the “No Adjustment” option
    • The Adjustment Type and Action Code filters are now multi-select


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