DEX -1.33


  • API Keys:
    • In addition to REST API, dex keys now work for Forte Checkout as well
  • Location: (Existing UI changes) :
    • New Search field has been added. Now you can search by Location Id
    • We have removed the filter for  Location ID and added a new filter called “Services”
    • Brand new columns to Locations Data Grid
  • Customers
    •  Now you can view routing number and bank name Payment method e-Check
  • Transactions
    • We have added new transaction data grid with export and filter capabilities
  • New Schedules tab:
    • You can now Search schedule by “company name”
    • New Filter and Export schedules
    • We have added new schedule data grid:
      • Add new schedule
      • Edit Schedule details
      • Suspend active Schedule
      • Activate suspended  Schedules
      • Permanently Delete Schedule





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