• reset the password using email only (new)
  • invite merchant-level user with “Dispute manager” role
  • invite Reseller-level user with “Sales Rep” role


  • filter the transactions data grid by:
    • Authorization Number
    • Settlement response code.


  • datagrid upgrades
  • new webhooks detail view
  • new webhooks create and edit modals
  • disable webhooks option

Merchant Applications

  • log in as sales rep:
    • create and view my applications
    • not view other applications

Rate Plans

  • rate plan logo updated
  • log in as sales rep:
    • create and edit my rate plans
    • not view and edit other rate plans


  • log in as Forte:
    • view the details for my Add Bank Account ticket – from Bank Accounts tab if it is in review status
    • Create new Gateway Merchant Organization
    • Create new Reseller Organization
  • log in as Reseller:
    • Create new Gateway Merchant Organization:
      • new Fed ID
      • same Fed ID
      • Canadian info and TRN

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