REST API Release 1.23 – New features Available!!

We’ve made several performance improvements in our new REST release, which will be available to Merchants and Partners!!

  • Applications

    We’ve added features to the applications object to make collecting merchant apps more efficient and secure:

    • Our new input field, maximum_transaction_amount, maps to MAM fields based on selected services: CC Largest Sale Amount, ACH Largest Sale Amount, and ACH Largest Disbursement.
    • We’ve updated our Threat Metrix Implementation and added additional, optional fields to ensure the security and authenticity of a merchant’s application information.
  • Documents

    Our new documents object enables REST users to complete the following tasks:

    • Upload supporting documents/files for merchant applications in supported formats.
    • Retrieve a list of all documents or find specific documents for specific merchants using search filters.
    • Delete documents that are extraneous or were mistakenly uploaded.
  •  Transactions

    We’ve upped our fraud prevention game with the new  customer_ip_address parameter, which captures the customer’s originating IP address when submitting transactions.

  • Funding

    We’ve made improvements to the funding object with the following enhancements:

    • Search and filter funding entries more efficiently with the following new parameters: status, entry_description, bank_information, and origination_date.
    • Search for the related transactions and settlements associated with a funding entry via a GET request to our funding endpoints.

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