BillPay R2.05.1 Dynamic File Processor Release Notes

Release Date: May 31, 2022


New Features/Improvements


Grouping ID Functionality

  • Added the ability to pay the first installment fee before the second installment during a split payment.

Error Messages

  • When there is an error uploading a file, the row number in the bill file (CSV, Tab, Pipe, and Fixed Length-Delimited File formats) with the error shows.

Update Account Information

  • Accounts include database updates along with the bills DB, based the file that uploaded into the system, to reflect the correct account information. This ensures that the system auto detects account changes and reflects the correct owner of the bill.

Correct Label for Installment Fields During Split Payment Options

  • BillPay users who have the split payment feature can see the correct label against their split payment option.