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CSG Forte release notes is a detailed account of platform features being rolled out for our merchants and partners to advance their technical and industry advantage

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RELEASE DATE: MARCH 15, 2023 DEVICES V400C Merchants using Forte Checkout with the V400c Plus terminal, can now benefit from enhanced coordinating controls. The inclusion of a new button parameter on Forte Checkouts code will allow the Forte Checkout modal to close after completing a transaction on the V400C Device, and: Inform the users when […]

Dex 1.70 Release Notes

RELEASE DATE: February 16th, 2023 Transactions Transactions download – Save Customized fields as template Users will have the ability to download the chosen set of fields and save those as a template. Saved templates can be used in future downloads A maximum of 10 templates can be saved Transaction download – File Formats Users will […]

Bill Pay 2.0 | Release Notes

New Features/Improvements Custom scheduled payments Released the ability to set up a custom scheduled payment in the BillPay Portal. When scheduling a payment in the BillPay Portal, customers will have the “custom” schedule type available. Customers should select the payment method, enter the number of desired payments, select the schedule type as “Custom”, the start […]


RELEASE DATE: JANURARY 12, 2022   NEW FEATURES/IMPROVEMENTS WALLET PAYMENTS Forte Rest API is now certified to handle Apple Pay sale transactions for merchants processing via Fiserv. This is part of CSG Forte’s efforts to provide our merchants with tools to provide exceptional customer experience. Alternative payment methods, including digital wallets, are experiencing nonstop growth […]

Dex 1.69 Release Notes (Dexiles and Rule Breakers)

RELEASE DATE: December 21st, 2022 Dex 1.69 Release Notes (Dexiles and Rule Breakers)   New Features/Improvements Transaction Data Grid – Customized Downloads Released the ability to customize dex downloads from the transaction data grid. When selecting “Download” from the transaction data grid, the following fields will automatically be set to default in the download template. […]

Forte Checkout V2.20 Release Notes 

(Release Date: 11/03/2022)   Added support for a new language, Canadian French, in Forte Checkout   Canadian merchants, with the legal need to use French, will now be able to present Forte Checkout in Canadian French to accept payments.  French and English are the official languages of Canada, and federal services must be provided in both […]


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