Dex 1.53 Release Notes

RELEASE DATE: Oct. 5, 2020


New Features/Improvements



  • The Verify Results and Verify Advice displays in the transaction details for all Forte Verify Transactions.
  • Dex allows a transaction to be placed with a card that begins with 20, 50, or 59.
  • Enabled Additional Resubmit Transaction Types.
  • Enabled Additional “Add Transactions from Existing Transactions” Functionality.
  • All response codes have been added to the Response Code filter on the Transactions datagrid.


  • Attachments Tab Has Been Added to Location Details Screen.
  • When a Merchant Application is enrolled, the Merchant Application, corresponding Rate Plan, and corresponding Merchant Service Agreement are automatically uploaded as a pdf to the newly created location visible to merchant admininstrator and Forte employees only.


  • Search by Customer ID has been moved from “More Filters > Customer ID” to the Search bar above the filters.
  • User can search with a partial Customer name or Customer ID by using the %.


Allow user to delete document they uploaded if the disputes status is Documents Needed.