Dex 1.54 Release Notes

Release Date: Nov. 18, 2020


New Features/Improvements



  • Users can now see Credit and Debit Limits associated with ACH/eChecks for a Location in the ‘Products and Services’ section.
  • ACH cutoff time will show the actual time instead of Default.

Location Bank Account

  • We revamped our bank accounts so it easy to find the bank accounts and the activity it is used for.
  • We have added friendly description, so you know what kind of transactions goes into which account.

Organization Bank Accounts

  • Bank accounts are now available in the Organizations module as well. You can see all the bank accounts associated with all locations.
  • Dive into the details of each bank account to learn which locations use it and for what.


  • To make it more simplified for users, “Unfunded” transactions will have the new status “Unfunded” in the Transactions DataGrid. Previously it showed as “Rejected”.
  • We have added an “Entered by” field to the transactions detail and the export to have more visibility in transaction detail.

Update to Calendars

We have updated calendars to allow the user to manually enter the date range.


When a dispute with the status inquiry expires, we have changed the status of the dispute to Expired instead of Won.


Updated the Status filter so that when the filter is cleared all users will appear in the data grid.


We have added Webhooks for Schedule.Update and Schedule.Delete. Any status update in schedules should trigger the webhook.