Dex 1.55 Release Notes

Release Date: Jan. 28, 2021


New Features/Improvements



In this release, we have added principal and service fee as optional columns on the Transactions Datagrid. This has also been included in the export when it is added to the Transactions Datagrid.

  • New Language for Money Transmitter License.
  • For receipts belonging to eCheck Credit transactions only, we have added new wording on the Dex transaction detail receipt preview screen. Please note, change for the receipt preview in Dex, no receipts will contain this language.


  • Name/terminology change from ‘ISO ID’ to ‘Portfolio ID’
  • Brand-new Portfolios tab is now under Organization Details
  • The Portfolios tab has all the Portfolios (formerly known as ISO IDs) that are associated with a Partner Organization. These Portfolios have Buy Rates, Rate Plans, and Bank Account information associated with them.

Wording Change

We have changed the Partner indicator from R to P and have replaced instances of Reseller with the term Partner

Comment Tab Enhancement

Right now, we are noticing that it is easy to miss the type of comment and information is being shared that should not be. To limit this confusion, we are introducing color-coded privacy settings that are set for each comment on the comments tab.

Verification and Password Updated Successfully Message

  • Previous verification code email only contained a verification code which made it confusing and unclear to the user. So, we have redesigned the verification email and updated the layouts and language.
  • We have also created a new email that is sent to the user when the password has been successfully changed.

IP ALLOW List Updates

To make IP Allow list notifications more informative so that the user does not discard them, we have updated the layout and included a footer on the email with the Forte logo and customer support info. We have made this update to the below notifications.

  • IP Allow list switch account message
  • IP Allow List Toaster Message when Accepting an Invitation.
  • IP Allow List Notification
  • IP Allow List Enabled Notification
  • IP Allow List Disabled Notification
  • IP Allow List Deleted Notification
  • Unauthorized Access Notification
  • IP Allow List Disabled Notification

Added Specific Chargeback Code to Credit Merchant

We have made some changes in Chargeback code. Previously when code CHGM CHBK 42 9 came in, we debited the merchant. Going forward, we will credit the merchant.