Dex 1.58 Release Notes

Release Date: Sept. 7, 2021


New Features/Improvements


Partner Profile Implementation

Dex has added the ability to add a Sales Rep to a Portfolio.

  • The roles Admin, Sales Manager, ISV Support, ISV no support, ISO no Support, Base Implementation, Credit Enrollment I, Cust_Relationship_Manager, Base_Cust_Relationship will be able to add Sales Rep to Portfolios.
  • To add a Sales Rep to a Portfolio, the person must be a Dex user that accepted their invitation to join Dex. They must have the role Sales Rep and belong to the Partner Organization the Portfolio belongs to.
  • When added, a Sales Rep ID will be generated and assigned to the user attached to this Portfolio.
  • Sales_Manager role can be assigned to a portfolio

Create New Rate Plan

When creating a Rate Plan in Dex, the specific Portfolio will have to be selected.

Location Level Settings

  • Updated the look of the card services section on the location detail>products and services tab
    • Added the card network logos that the location is enabled to accept
    • Added the card types that the location is enabled to accept:
      • Accepts Credit Cards
      • Accepts Debit Cards
      • Accepts Credit and Debit Cards