Dex 1.59 Release Notes



New Features/Improvements


Partner Profile Implementation

  • There is a new flow for creating a Rate Plan.
    • First, the user selects the Partner, then the user selects the Sales Rep, then the user will select the Portfolio, and then the general information will be input.
  • Portfolios will now display two new statuses based on their status in Webtools: Retired and Deleted.
  • Partner History will now show all Create, Update, and Delete actions that have been performed for that Partner.

Rate Plan Updates

  • New Rate Plan fee code. Rate Plans will now have the fee code NONCOM, Forte Non-Compliance Fee, in the Other section.
  • Pass-thru rates were made mandatory for rate plans with card services when the pricing model selected is Interchange Plus, 3 Tier or 4 Tier.
    • Visa/Mastercard/Discover Interchange “pass thru” is mandatory for Interchange Plus pricing models.
    • Visa/Mastercard/Discover Dues and Assessments “pass thru” is mandatory for Interchange Plus, 4 Tier and 3Tier pricing models.

Rebranding from Forte to CSG Forte

  • Replaced the Forte logo with the CSG Forte logo throughout Dex
  • Replaced existing copyright with updated CSG Forte copyright
  • References to Forte were updated to CSG Forts
  • Removed the link to VT Training on Approval Letter templates due to flash videos no longer being supported on most browsers
  • Updated links in Dex affected by the Forte website rebranding


  • Increased the size limit for attachments to 25mb on the Application Detail, Location Detail, and Organization Detail attachments tabs.

Verification Services – Validate

  • Verify Settings
    • Added “Young Accounts” as a verify setting for Validate.
    • Users with Location Read permissions will be able to view the Validate settings.
    • Users with Location|ForteVerify Update permissions will be able to update the Validate settings.

Chase Merchant Services Integration

  • Chase Merchant Services is a new gateway-only integration that has been added to our CC processor list.
  • Transaction Division is a required field.

Location Level Debit Card /Credit Card Enabled Identifier

  • New fields added to Location Detail-Edit Card Services to allow the ability to update the card types (Debit Card/Credit Card) that a location is enabled to accept.
    • Debit Card and Credit Card fields are defaulted to enabled when an application is enrolled for Card Services.
    • Users with Admin, Credit_Enrollment_Supervisor and Credit_Enrollment_1 roles have been granted permissions to update the Debit Card/Credit Card fields.
  • Added identifiers to display if a location is enabled to accept Debit Cards and/or Credit Cards on the Add Transaction UI and the Add Payment Method UI.

Add Payment Method UI

  • Added check to validate if the location is enabled to accept the card network type (Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/Discover/Diners Club/JCB) of the card being entered.

Customers Data Grid

  • Updated search bar on the Customers data grid to search for customer and a location when the customer number is six digits

Bugs Addressed

  • Corrected an issue where existing users invited to a new organization were not visible on the Users data grid.
  • Corrected an AFD issue causing duplicate files to be sent to the customer.
  • Corrected an issue on the transaction details where echeck checking was displayed when an echeck savings was used for creating the transaction.