Dex 1.60 Release Notes

Release Date: Nov. 17, 2021


New Features/Improvements for Merchants


Transactions Datagrid

  • Added a column for the latest settlement date for a transaction in the transaction download file.
  • Enabled the ability to print the Detailed Print Receipt from the Transaction Datagrid.
    • Users can click on the ellipsis on the right side of the Transaction Datagrid and select Print Detailed Receipt.

New Features/Improvements for Partners


Merchant Application Datagrid

  • Updated Partner Name filter to Portfolio Name.
  • Enabled the ability to search by Portfolio ID to more filter selections.
  • Replaced Partner ID with Portfolio ID and DBA Name in the application datagrid
  • Added Partner ID to datagrid export.

 Updates to Removing the SalesRep Role from a User

  • If the Sales Rep role is removed from a user or a user with a sales rep role has a status of suspended:
    • User is removed from the portfolios they are attached to.
    • Username/information is not available when Add New sales rep is selected in Portfolio>Sales Rep
    • Username/information is not available in the list of sales reps for the portfolio on the Sales Rep
    • User ID is not removed as a sales rep from existing rate plans or applications that have been created.
  • If a user’s status is set to “deleted”, their name/information is not available in the list of sales reps in the Portfolio>Sales Rep

Dex Invites

  • Updated the Merchant Approval invite template.
    • New graphics
    • Updated messaging

Application Updates

  • Enabled the ability to select Gateway and Forte Verify or Gateway, eCheck, and Forte Verify on an application.
  • Enabled the ability to enroll an application with Gateway and Forte Verify or Gateway, eCheck, and Forte.
  • Created new approval letter for Gateway and Forte Verify.
  • Created new approval letter for Gateway, eCheck, and Forte Verify.
  • Added Portfolio Name to the Application Detail

Risk Tab Added to Location Details

  • Added a Risk tab on the Location Details
    • Allows the ability to flag a merchant as high risk.
    • Users with the Base_Credit role can enable and disable the high-risk flag.
    • Users with Base_Forte can view the Risk

Rate Plan Updates

  • Enabled the ability to select Gateway and Verification Services when creating a rate plan.
  • Enabled the ability to select Gateway, eCheck, and Verification Services when creating a rate plan.

Technical Updates

  • Updated Dex Freshdesk configurations so that they reside in one place.
  • Improvement to add audit info when user does any updates on the location.

Bugs Addressed

  • Fixed the funding Reference ID search – all the Reference ID was not displaying in search grid
  • Unable to print a standard receipt for eCheck transactions – enabled the ability to print standard receipts for eCheck transactions.
  • Issue with the Funding Datagrid showing two transactions with the same funding ID for different years/merchants – updated the code to pass the Location ID along with the funding ID so that the corresponding details and transaction are pulled. FD #701206
  • eCheck Authorize Void not working with Bulk Void – enabled the ability to execute the bulk void feature for eCheck authorize transactions – FD #665920