Dex 1.65 Release Notes



New Features/Improvements


Payment Status Notifications

Forte has added a payment status notification feature to Dex to help merchants with the migration from Virtual Terminal (VT) to Dex. Payment status notifications are email notifications that are sent to merchant users and customers if a certain transaction event occurs. Merchants mainly use the notfications to update customers about payment statuses. The notifications are also useful for tracking payment statuses on the merchant side.

Payment status notifications are located in Dex at Manage > Notifications. Users must be at a merchant org level to access the notifications.

A default template is provided and may be customized using drag-and-drop fields. Users can also:

  • Add a logo to the notification.
  • Preview the notification.
  • Return the notification back to the default template.
  • Delete custom notifications.

Users with permissions can create the following notifications:

  • Sale Approved
  • Sale Declined
  • Refund/Credit Approved
  • Refund/Credit Declined
  • Schedule Created
  • Upcoming Scheduled Payment

Dex users with one of the following roles will be able to create, read, update, and delete custom notifications that have been created for their merchant organization:

  • Merchant Admin
  • Merchant Manager
  • Enterprise Admin
  • ISV-Support

Dex users with one of the following roles will be able to view custom notifications that have been created for their merchant organization

  • Enterprise User
  • Enterprise_View Only
  • Mechant User
  • Merchant View Only

Rate Plans

Two new columns were added to the Create Rate Plan template to display portfolio buy rates and the estimated profit margins when a user enters the pricing for fee items.

  • Added cost (the portfolio buy rate) and estimated profit margin to rate plans (create, edit and rate plan details)
  • Rate plans will display the portfolio buy rate in the rate plan and will calculate the estimated profica margin as the user enters the price in the rate plan.
  • The following roles will have visibility to the cost and profit margin columns in the rate plans:
    • Sales Reps
    • Sales Managers
    • Forte employees