Dex 1.68 Release Notes

RELEASE DATE: October 4th, 2022

New Features/Improvements

Dex Payment Status Notifications

Select locations

Dex now offers the ability to select locations when creating/editing payment status notifications. Users with permission to create and update notifications can select one or more locations to assign a notification. Dex will display a warning sign next to any location already assigned to another notification with the same category/event. Users can add the location and override an existing notification for that specific location.

Resend a custom payment status notification:

Dex enabled the ability to resend a custom payment status notification. Users with permissions can resend a payment status notification by:

  1. going to “Transactions,”
  2. clicking on the “Transaction detail” screen for that transaction,
  3. clicking on the “Action” icon, and
  4. Select “Send Email Notification.”

This feature is available only for Merchants that already have a custom notification configured, and for the events available on the custom notification.