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Dex is CSG Forte’s robust and innovative payment platform for merchants to manage their accounts, get real-time insights into sales performance, transactions, payment methods, customers, disputes, and more.

Please review the important information below that may apply to your Merchant account



If you are managing chargeback disputes within our Dex platform, Training for Disputes Management is highly recommended. Find information about using Dex to manage disputes or subscribe to dispute notifications.


Become more innovated with our Payment Platform.  Join one of our weekly Dex Training Webinars for Merchant Admins and Disputes Managers.

Dispute Managers Training – Tuesday @ 2PM CST

Merchant Admin Training – Thursday @ 2PM CST


Forte offers a variety of equipment that makes it easy to collect payments at your point of sale.
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IP allow list, in Dex for your organization is a security feature which validates IP addresses before allowing your merchants payment account. CSG Forte highly recommends that merchants enable the IP allow list and create a list of trusted IP addresses for your merchant organization in Dex. Learn how to set your IP allow list in Dex here.


On the following link you can find more info about:

Monthly Billing
Over the Limit Notification/Transaction Limits
Risk Monitoring/Funds Hold
Dispute Management
SEC Codes/Nacha requirements
Annual Nacha Debit Web Security Audit


Things to get to know before getting started:

SEC code

The Standard Entry Class (SEC) code is a three-character application which identifies each entry in the ACH Network

Proof Of Authorization and NACHA requirements

Before you debit your customer’s bank account through the ACH Network, you are required to obtain their authorization.


Gateway Services:

If you are a Gateway Merchant, your account has been enrolled for Gateway Services and has been enabled for processing.

Credit Cards: 

Please note that it may take 24-48 hours for processing to be enabled.


As a Forte Merchant, you are required to be compliant with PCI DSS requirements.

Learn additional details and options to be PCI complaint and how to avoid a non-compliant fee of $29.99/per Month here.


Bank account status verification (Validate & Validate Plus)

Please click here to read details related to taking steps to avoid
paying excessive per-transaction fees.


To ensure there are no issues with your merchant processing or billing when debit blocks or filters are in place with your bank, please provide all of the company IDs listed here to your bank. If you have customers who use debit blocks or filters, they must also provide this list of company IDs to their banks, as well as one additional company ID as described.


Customer Support

If you have questions regarding your account, you can contact us Monday – Friday from 7 AM to 7 PM CST

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (866)290-5400 (Option 1)

For Integration, Equipment Support Questions

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (866)290-5400 (option 5)

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