Forte Checkout V2.20 Release Notes 

(Release Date: 11/03/2022)


Added support for a new language, Canadian French, in Forte Checkout  

Canadian merchants, with the legal need to use French, will now be able to present Forte Checkout in Canadian French to accept payments. 

French and English are the official languages of Canada, and federal services must be provided in both languages; Beyond that official requirement, French is the mother-tongue of almost 20% of the Canadian Population, making this release an important tool to better serve the Canadian market. 

Forte Checkout is now available to be displayed in Canadian French. This feature will allow Canadian merchants to offer French Canadian-speaking customers payment forms that are consistent with their experience on the merchant’s page, by applying the browser language settings to the payment form display. 

The support includes all the labels, placeholder texts, and error messages; Security, Privacy and Terms of Service (TOS) documents. 

Consistent with Forte Checkout accessibility features (ADA/WCAG Compliant), information in French is available via multiple means, such as alternatives to text. Users can interact with content through a variety of methods, such as a keyboard/screen or keyboard. Forte Checkout displayed in French works across multiple operating systems, browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari), and assistive technologies. 

Forte Checkout will be supporting the below-listed features in Canadian French language in upcoming release: 

  1. Support for Schedules
  2. Support for Devices
  3. Timeout messages