Mastercard standards for checkout sound and animation

Effective date: February 7, 2023, and August 7, 2023

Mastercard is adding standards around the use of the Mastercard checkout sound and animation to the Mastercard Rules and to the Mastercard Brand Center. The standards will require that if any sound and/or animation associated with another payment option is enabled on a point-of-sale (POS) terminal or at the point of interaction (POI), Mastercard’s checkout sound and/or animation must be enabled on such POS terminal or POI and must be played and/or displayed for Mastercard and Maestro transactions, in compliance with the checkout sound and animation standards.
• Effective February 7, 2023, revised standards became effective for all Mastercard Rules chapters and sections except for Chapter 4, Section 16.2.
• Effective August 7, 2023, revised standards will become effective for Mastercard Rules Chapter 4, Section 16.2.