Transactions, Improvements to Data Grid and Apple Pay

Dex Release 1.70.1

Benefits to Customers:

Merchants and partners will benefit from new improvements in the transactions download section, such as the ability to save the default template at any time, new filters added to the Dex platform, new flags for non-sufficient funds added to the verification services section, and the ability for merchants to request the new payment method Apple Pay from the enrollment team.

Current Behavior:

Previously, the transactions download section did not allow users to save templates without applying changes to the default template. In addition, the final user couldn’t filter by location (MID) in the transaction grid, and to filter by order ID, the merchant had to access the more filters section. Also, although Forte Checkout had launched its new payment digital wallet solution, Apple Pay, it was not yet enabled for Dex users. Before this release, there were only two non-sufficient flags, but this release adds four new flags.

New Features/Improvements:

Transaction Data Grid – Customized Downloads:

  • Users can now download and save the default template at any time during the download and export process.
  • When using a previously saved template, users can download and save the template or save it as a new template during the download and export process.
  • Added three new fields to the default list on the Download Transaction Modal when the user is at the Merchant Level: Bank Account Verification, Principal, and Service Fee.

Transaction Data Grid – Updates:

  • Added a new Location Filter on the Transaction Data Grid, enabling users to filter transactions on one or more locations.
  • By default, at the Merchant level, the location filter will display the first 10 Locations in a dropdown list for the user to select. If there are more than 10 locations under the Merchant Organization, users can search for additional locations using the search function in the location filter modal.
  • Partners and employees can search for one or multiple locations using the search bar within the filter.
  • Moved the Order ID filter from “More Filters” to a selection on the data grid filter line.

Transaction Receipt – Updates:

  • Updated the disclosure information on eCheck credit transaction receipts.
  • Updated references to CSG Forte to CSG Forte Payments, Inc. in targeted areas.
  • Updated the NMLS ID from 986669 to 1986669.

Digital Wallet: New Section:  Alternative Methods of Payments:

  • This section can be used to verify if the merchant location has any Digital Wallets enabled.
  • When enabled, the section will show as “Active” and display the logo(s) of the digital wallet types that are enabled for the merchant.
  • Added Wallet Type in the sandbox prod environment.

Verification Services – Validate Plus Changes:

  • Validate Plus – Reused existing flags for NSF fee.
  • The existing NSF (non-sufficient funds) flags have been modified to have four new flags based on the account age and overdrawn status.

These updates provide Dex users with a better experience using the platform, with enhanced functionality and improvements in performance. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.