Visa introduces Account Screen in North America to help issuers block activity on closed accounts

Effective date: October 14, 2023

Visa will introduce Account Screen, a new comprehensive global solution to enable issuers to quickly and efficiently block list accounts to stop future authorization and transaction clearing activity. Block listed accounts include those with the following action codes:

• 04—Pick up card (no fraud)
• 05—Do not honor
• 07—Pick up card, special condition (fraud account)
• 14—Invalid account number (no such number)
• 41—Lost card, pick up (fraud account)
• 43—Stolen card, pick up (fraud account)
• 46—Closed account
• 54—Expired card or expiration date missing

Merchants continuing to try to process a card after receiving one of these action codes will be subject to payment network pass through fees and potential non-compliance fees.