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CSG Forte release notes is a detailed account of platform features being rolled out for our merchants and partners to advance their technical and industry advantage

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MERCHANT SERVICES New Feature / Improvements:  *NEW* Virtual Terminal Reports in Dex *NEW* Auto Daily Reports in Dex *NEW* Text to Pay Report Enhancements Transaction Download New Field: Routing Transit Number Payment Status Notification: Enhancement to Locations displayed New Feature / Improvements:   *NEW* Virtual Terminal Reports in Dex Want to download the Virtual Legacy Reports […]

Transactions, Notifications, and Schedules Improvements in Dex

MERCHANT SERVICES New Feature / Improvements: *NEW* View by Upcoming Schedules *NEW* Additional Fields in Adding Schedules *NEW* Summary in Transaction Download *NEW* Wallet Payments in Dex Enhancements Updates to Payment Status Notifications New fields in Transaction Receipts Maximum allowed templates enhancements in Transaction Download Response type in Transaction Details Freshdesk Requests Bugs Fixes Team: […]

Transactions, Improvements to Data Grid and Apple Pay

Dex Release 1.70.1 Benefits to Customers: Merchants and partners will benefit from new improvements in the transactions download section, such as the ability to save the default template at any time, new filters added to the Dex platform, new flags for non-sufficient funds added to the verification services section, and the ability for merchants to […]

Dex 1.70 Release Notes

RELEASE DATE: February 16th, 2023 Transactions Transactions download – Save Customized fields as template Users will have the ability to download the chosen set of fields and save those as a template. Saved templates can be used in future downloads A maximum of 10 templates can be saved Transaction download – File Formats Users will […]

Dex 1.69 Release Notes (Dexiles and Rule Breakers)

RELEASE DATE: December 21st, 2022 Dex 1.69 Release Notes (Dexiles and Rule Breakers)   New Features/Improvements Transaction Data Grid – Customized Downloads Released the ability to customize dex downloads from the transaction data grid. When selecting “Download” from the transaction data grid, the following fields will automatically be set to default in the download template. […]

Dex 1.68 Release Notes

RELEASE DATE: October 4th, 2022 New Features/Improvements Dex Payment Status Notifications Select locations Dex now offers the ability to select locations when creating/editing payment status notifications. Users with permission to create and update notifications can select one or more locations to assign a notification. Dex will display a warning sign next to any location already […]


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