Compliance Updates

CSG Forte compliance updates is a detailed account of current and upcoming compliance requirements affecting our partners and merchants

Visa introduces Account Screen in North America to help issuers block activity on closed accounts

Effective date: October 14, 2023 Visa will introduce Account Screen, a new comprehensive global solution to enable issuers to quickly and efficiently block list accounts to stop future authorization and transaction clearing activity. Block listed accounts include those with the following action codes: • 04—Pick up card (no fraud) • 05—Do not honor • 07—Pick […]

Mastercard introduces new Merchant Advice Codes

Effective date: November 7, 2023 Mastercard is introducing two new Merchant Advice Code (MAC) values for authorization responses. The new MAC values will inform merchants that the card product is a consumer non-reloadable prepaid card or a consumer single-use virtual card number. This information will help merchants improve card-not-present transaction management by properly identifying transactions […]

Mastercard enhancements to Account Status Inquiry

Effective date: November 7, 2023 The Account Status Inquiry (ASI) service is an optional non-financial transaction used to confirm that a cardholder’s account is open and valid, and it optionally confirms the address and Card Validation Code 2 (CVC2). Mastercard is enhancing the ASI service to allow merchants to also confirm the cardholder’s name. As […]

Visa updates and clarifications to dispute rules language

Effective date: April 15, 2023 Visa updated the dispute rule language and made other revisions in the Visa Rules (PDF) for clarity and consistency. The changes listed below will be effective April 15, 2023. Credits/reversals processed prior to a dispute Visa has seen an increase in cases where a credit was processed prior to the […]

Avoiding credit card terminal refund fraud

Effective date: Informational Credit card terminal theft is increasing, allowing criminals to send fraudulent refunds to their own prepaid gift cards. We want to make sure you are aware of the steps you can take to help avoid this type of fraud. Terminal security best practices • Ensure that all terminals require a passcode for […]

Mastercard revises standards for “No cardholder authorization” disputes

For: Merchants processing merchant-initiated transactions Effective date: April 14, 2023 To challenge a dispute chargeback on a merchant-initiated transaction (MIT) with reason code 4837 (No Cardholder Authorization), a merchant may provide authorization data from a previous transaction that the cardholder conducted at the merchant as compelling evidence of the cardholder’s participation in the disputed transaction. […]

Mastercard Account Level Management Product Graduation Plus

Effective date: Informational Account Level Management (ALM) Product Graduation Plus allows issuers the flexibility of migrating cardholders to card programs that are right for the cardholder as their lifestyle needs and preferences change, without changing the 16-digit Primary Account Number (PAN). Participating issuers with actively registered accounts will receive differentiated interchange rates for transactions processed […]

Mastercard standards for checkout sound and animation

Effective date: February 7, 2023, and August 7, 2023 Mastercard is adding standards around the use of the Mastercard checkout sound and animation to the Mastercard Rules and to the Mastercard Brand Center. The standards will require that if any sound and/or animation associated with another payment option is enabled on a point-of-sale (POS) terminal […]

Effectively managing disputes

Effective date: Reminder The Disputes Best Practices Guide, available through the Business Track® portal, includes response templates to leverage when creating dispute responses. The guide organizes templates by category, and it supplies a sample of convincing evidence. Failing to effectively respond to disputes could result in: • The inability to challenge the dispute with proof […]


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