Release Notes

Dex 1.55 Release Notes

Release Date: Jan. 28, 2021   New Features/Improvements   Transactions In this release, we have added principal and service fee as optional columns on the Transactions Datagrid. This has also been included in the export when it is added to the Transactions Datagrid. New Language for Money Transmitter License. For receipts belonging to eCheck Credit […]

Dex 1.54 Release Notes

Release Date: Nov. 18, 2020   New Features/Improvements   Location Users can now see Credit and Debit Limits associated with ACH/eChecks for a Location in the ‘Products and Services’ section. ACH cutoff time will show the actual time instead of Default. Location Bank Account We revamped our bank accounts so it easy to find the […]

Dex 1.53 Release Notes

RELEASE DATE: Oct. 5, 2020   New Features/Improvements   Transactions The Verify Results and Verify Advice displays in the transaction details for all Forte Verify Transactions. Dex allows a transaction to be placed with a card that begins with 20, 50, or 59. Enabled Additional Resubmit Transaction Types. Enabled Additional “Add Transactions from Existing Transactions” […]

Dex 1.51 Release Notes

MAY 26, 2020    New Features/Improvements   Transactions Transaction status filters has been updated. The Transaction status filter allows users to filter transactions by Successful, In Progress, and Unsuccessful. New receipt options in Dex: From the transaction details page and after a check is created users will be able to select whether they would like […]

Dex 1.52 Release Notes

RELEASE DATE: Aug. 4, 2020   New Features/Improvements   Transactions Dex users now can add a similar transaction from an existing transaction from the Transactions Datagrid or from the Transaction Details screen. We have added resubmit transaction functionality in Dex. Users can view all the Response codes on the Dex Transactions DataGrid. The Settlement Response […]