Dex :1.51


  • Transaction status filters has been updated: The Transaction status filter allow users to filter transactions by Successful, In Progress, and Unsuccessful.
  • New receipt options in Dex : From the transaction details page and after a check is created users will be able to select whether they would like to view/print a standard receipt or a detailed receipt.
  • New fields and new receipt format :New standard receipt formatting and new fields Dex standard receipts will have new fields and formatting. The new fields we have added are: Time ,Loc ID,Auth Code and Account Holder’s Name
  • Introducing New Detailed Receipt: User will be able to print detailed receipt along with standard receipt. This will include billing and shipping info for merchant.
  • Item Description: This field has been added for Scheduled Transaction Receipt .All the scheduled transaction receipts will have a new field “ Item Description.

User :

  • User Avatar : If users do not have a gravatar linked to their Dex account, their Avatar will always show as their initials.

Roles and Permission:

  • Dispute Manager Role Update: Product Costs are visible to the Dispute Manager on the Location Detail Billing Tab. Zero cost services are not visible and “Free Quantity” is not displayed for the Dispute Manager role.

Introducing eDynamo for Dex :

The MagTek eDynamo device is a USB card reader that connects to the merchant’s computer to allow the ability to accept EMV chip cards and traditional magnetic stripe credit cards without having to key the card information into Dex.


Dex : 1.49

Dispute Notification:

Merchant User will receive automatic notifications when a dispute status changes.In order to receive they have to manually turn on the dispute notification .

Enterprise user will receive automatic notifications when a dispute status changes when they will manually turn on the dispute notification .

Transaction Enhancements:

Merchant user will be able to add similar transaction from the transaction datagrid .


Dex 1.48


  • We have enabled New Disputes Notifications at the Enterprise level.
  • Enable the Dispute Manager role at the Enterprise level


  • We have added additional privacy when reseller is uploading documentation via rest API or manually.
  • We have added new permission/roles while uploading documentation




Default Dispute Subscription on for All merchants (Dispute Read and Update Permission)

  • Merchant accepts an Invite to Dex automatically subscribe them to the New Dispute notification .
  • For all existing merchant turn their subscription on for the New Dispute notification

Dispute module will have wells as a processor along with Vantiv

Dex Registration:

  • Dex now supports email verification and provide option for mobile phone verification during the registration and forgot  password process.


  • Users to get access to Dex-Sandbox when they are invited to dex-Live.(User accepts a production invite; the invitation should also give users sandbox access )
  • When a user is being invited to dex-Live environment – “Note: By accepting an invitation to Live environment you will also have access to the sandbox as well.
  • When user is deleted from an organization, subscriptions associated with the user for that organization will be removed.

Dex 1.45


  • Ability to Print receipt via transaction detail page


  • Ability to filter the Payfac data grid by status.


  • Ability to get from a merchant organization to the corresponding merchant application.


  • Ability to filter by Credit card bin
  • Ability to sort the grid by the received date.



  • View mock data in following modules:
    • Transactions
    • Funding
    • Users
    • Customers
    • Schedules
  • Ability to Refresh Data
    • This action allows mock data to return to its original state
    • Will remove any ad-hoc entries entered by the user


  • Ability to add a new transaction from a previous transaction.


  • Dex invitation to corporate merchants has been updated with a new template.


  • Users can now view deleted schedules and scheduled items.


  • Users can edit the Phone number and email address of existing customers.

Dex 1.43


  • SWP Settings:
  • Enable/ disable the SWP settings on a location: products and Services tab
  • view SWP code
  • click test code button to open SWP page
  • TS: Copy and test SWP code outside of dex.
  • edit the SWP settings on a location:
    • Main tab
    • Style tab
    • Billing tab
    • Shipping tab
    • Order/Payment tab
  • TS: create a validation builder for my SWP settings.
  • Account Updater:
  • View Account Updater settings in dex
  • Enrollment: enable/ disable Account Updater in dex.
  • Enrollment: edit Account Updater settings in dex: day to run


  • assign additional reseller roles in sandbox (Same roles as live)


  • view the response code and description of a credit card transaction.
  • not view “Void in Progress” bar if there is an error with void action.

Dex: 1.42

All Tabs

•            keep search criteria entered in the search box and filters if switching modules in dex


•            search the hierarchy by Organization ID

•            search the hierarchy by Location ID

•            search the hierarchy by Federal Tax ID.


•            view the AVS settings of a location.

•            edit a location’s Address Verification Settings (AVS).

•            see clear warning and select accept before regenerating.

•            regenerate FTP password.

•            force a password for the FTP.

•            force a password for the Real-Time Password.


•            add additional columns to the transactions data grid.

•            customize additional columns across the Dex data grids.


•            see due date that is set on government disputes to 10 days from 20.

•            not move back a disputes record type to a prior value.

•            have disputes due date  reset if the record type updates.

•            see combined fields on the datagrid like: Original Transaction Date and Original Amount into the Original Transaction column.

•            not have won and lost as terminal status for disputes.

•            see when disputes are in fulfilled status

•            not accept disputes where the record type is Inquiry

•            have color of the Accepted status updated from green to red.


DEX 1.41


•             Resubmit a transaction: CC (settled), Echeck (funded, rejected)

•             Void transactions in bulk: ready (in progress)


•             Billing accounts will be hidden for merchants

•             If the Reseller organization does not have an Enterprise created, and you select “Add to Enterprise”, dex displays message: “There are no Enterprise Organizations created under this Reseller Organization.”


•             Bulk Invite: invite multiple users across organizations at the same time using csv file for users at 10000 level with right permissions


•             View and edit a location’s Card Verification Value (CVV) settings of a location.

•             Generate the legacy credentials from location’s Credentials tab (Transaction processing password and old API login ID and secure transaction key)

•             If you select a location to move which does not have an Organization with a matching Federal Tax ID within the hierarchy, dex display message: “The selected location(s) does not have a corresponding organization with a matching Federal Tax ID.”


•             New eCheck card style (looks like a check) in the Payment Methods Tab

•             Ability to see the actions buttons on modals upon big screen resolution


•             Authorized Enterprise users will be able to view and manage disputes.

•             Users will have less delays when uploading docs

•             Risk will be able to send Dispute documentation to Vantiv via FTP.


•             Authorized Enterprise users will be able to generate API credentials if they switch home account from an Enterprise to a Merchant Organization



  • New bank account summary section: assigned activities and locations for approved/added bank account
  • New reseller Hierarchy section for Reseller Organizations
  • See the date a document was uploaded
  • When creating a new Organization, a new dropdown is now available indicating if an Organization already exists when creating merchant Org with same Fed ID,
  • After successfully creating a new Organization, the Organization and location information is displayed  on the summary


  • View the TID (Transmitter ID) associated with the MID (location)
  • View and edit a location’s Forte Verify settings (matches VT settings)
  • View and edit a location’s Address Verification Settings (AVS) –  Card services only: Postal Code Mismatch, Street Number Mismatch (matches VT settings)



  • See the date a document was uploaded
  • see the current history card as Chargeback Data
  • see disputes in: exception and recalled statuses (new for merchant and Resellers)
  • Last 4 Of Card column is renamed to Payment Details.
  • see the card brand and last four digits of card in payments details
  • see adjustment type of PARB in Adjustment Type filter
  • see details tool tips when user hovers over the action code
  • change the status of a dispute at any time. Exception: accepted and recalled statuses disputes cannot be changed
  • accepted disputes will no longer move to won or lost
  • view record type/dispute type on datagrid and details card: inquiry, chargeback or chargeback 2
  • submit documents when Dispute is updated from Inquiry to chargeback, or from chargeback to chargeback 2
  • submit for review (action) when Dispute is updated from Inquiry to chargeback, or from chargeback to chargeback 2.
  • submit disputes type inquiry for approval
  • see flag for when a dispute Record Type changes
  • hover over icon display tool tip to get more details about the dispute Record Type changes
  • see status updated to expired when status is Documents Needed, type inquiry, and has not been updated within 31 days
  • view the history of a dispute
  • New Data grid Filters and filter options:
    • New filter funding mode.
    • New filter Record type
    • New status Fulfilled on the dispute status filter
    • New filter option VCR (Visa Claims Resolution) for action codes filter
    • Less filter options for the action code filter: DRFT, RTVL

Rate Plans

  • new UI: new display

Merchant Applications

  • see what date a document was uploaded.


  • filter by chargeback reversals in the funding log



  • create a schedule, create customer when creating a schedule.
  • create a schedule, select customer and add a new payment method when creating a schedule.