Dex Security :

Cookie Settings : As part of Dex login security, Dex is now supporting the authentication of browser cookies when any attempt is made to login to the system.

IP Whitelisting: Additionally, Dex is also supporting IP white listing as an optional feature at the Corporate, Reseller, Enterprise, and Merchant level.

Funding :

We have also added Origination Date Column to Funding Data Grid

Transaction :

Transactions can be filtered by Verify Results (p codes)



Customer :

User has more access than ever!

They now have the ability to Activate, Delete and Suspend Customer. Also, they can create a schedule from customer details.


The Response Code and Routing number displays on the Funding Details screen.


Full Account Number e-check transactions is viewable now.

Dispute Status is now available to Transaction Datagrid


We have added a new Semi-Monthly frequency option for schedule creation to give users a new option to choose the frequency from.

User can also Add, Delete an individual schedule item

Merchant Application :

Dex User has the ability to add and edit owner details in merchant application in Dex.

We have also added ownership percentage and country of Citizenship fields to Merchant App

Rate Plan:

We are now supporting new product code in a Rate plan